My name is Victor Müller. I am a animator/videoeditor from Sweden.
Animating characters and working with visuals is my Passion.
I love giving characters life and motion mostly focused on action.
My goal is one day work as a professional animator or with postproduktion.
Once I get a assignment I can work for hours.
I am allergic to being late.

Summary of Skills

3D and 2D animation.

3D hard surface modeling

Knowledge of Storyboarding and teamwork

Education in Media, communication and filmmaking, including cinematography,
photography, video editing and basic management skills.


2019 – 2022
Film och TV Produktion 180 HP – Högskolan Dalarna

Motion capture 7.5 HP – Uppsala Universitet campus gotland

2017 – 2018
Motion Creative – Hyper Island

2014 – 2017
Media communication – LBS Gymnasium


Script writer and animator for Lagerkoll AB commercial

Worked 2 weeks at Locum AB’s communication department.

Software Skills

Adobe suite

Avid Media Composer

Autodesk 3DS Max

Autodesk MAYA

Cinema 4D


Substance Painter

Business email: